How do we reach 200 GW?

How do we reach 200 GW?

There is a great need to teach energy literacy if sustainability arguments are going to win the day. By 2050 we will need to generate all-source energy of about 100 GW in the UK (a conservative estimate - we might need twice as much). For context, the new Hinckley Point plant will give us 3 GW. What will it take to reach 100 GW using clean cheap sources? Unless we have convincing answers to this, sustainability will look to our opponents like a recipe for austerity, ration books and power cuts.


We do need energy literacy; but, I would prioritise demand reduction. In a country such as the UK, we have an opportunity to lead on demand reduction - insulating homes, more accessible mass transit nationwide, heat pumps, etc. Education should show students the demand reductions possible by different means. We also need to be clear about how fast this must happen to avoid even worse climate impacts.

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